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Cambridge Quilt Shop
95 Blanchard Rd, Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617)492-3279
Review: A small shop with a selection of fine quilting fabrics. Prices range from a little better than other shops to terrible - it all depends on the individual fabric. The staff is usually very friendly and helpful. Friends report that their classes are informative and well taught.
Clement Textile Inc.
80 Bedford St, Boston, MA 02111-2201
Phone: (617)542-9511
Review: I don't often shop here because I don't think many of their fabrics are that wonderful, but what I find is that when all else fails, often they'll have that item you've been looking for. Often it's something you wouldn't expect to have a problem finding - like 60 inch cotton broadcloth. Nobody else had it when I looked for it. The store is worth the occasional peek however, as once in a while they have something really nice. Prices are generally very good.
Designtex Fabrics
155 Federal St
Boston, MA 02110-1727
Phone: (617) 482-6660
Di Carlo Fabrics
15 Temple Pl,Boston, MA 02111-1305
Phone: (617)426-5749
Review: DiCarlo carries a good selection of higher quality fabrics. Prices seem higher than most other area fabric stores, but the quality makes up for it. Excellent selections of silks and wool suitings.
Fabric Corner Inc
783 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02174-4731
Phone: (617)643-4040
Mon. Wed. Thurs 9:30-8:30 * Tues., Fri., Sat. 9:30-5:30 * Sun. 12-6
Review: Fabric corner is a little hole-in-the-wall sort of store in Arlington, MA which seems to specialize in quilting but has many quality fabrics for all sewing purposes. It may be small, but they've packed in a great selection in that little store, and the staff is extra-friendly and extra-helpful. Definitely worth a visit, and make sure to bring by your completed project to show them, they'll love to see it.
Fabric Showroom
319 Washington St,Boston, MA 02108-5106
Phone: (617)783-4343
Hampshire Button Co Inc
50 Gold St, South Boston, MA 02127-1853
Phone: (617)268-8401
Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts
1580 VFW Pkwy, West Roxbury, MA 02132-5543
Phone: (617)325-9554
Petrho Fabrics
192 South St
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 426-0605
Sew Fisticated Discount Fabrics
735 William T Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02122-3406
Phone: (617)825-2949
Sew Fisticated Discount Fabrics
Twin Cities PLZ, Somerville, MA 02143-3613
Phone: (617)625-7996
Review: This shop had one fabric that I thought was really cool... so I bought them out of it. By and large, I felt that the fabrics available here were of inferior quality and generally not all that interesting to look at. However, they seem to almost randomly have absolute gems at insanely low prices (such as china silk shirting at only $7 a yard), so if you're in the area anyway, stop in, you might find something wonderful. Also, if you're looking for something hideous and tacky (such as for a silly costume) they're a good bet.
U S Slide Fastener Corp
21 Drydock Ave Ste 3
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 426-3546
Review: This is not a retailer. They're a zipper and fastener distributor. They very kindly will accept small orders from home sewing people, but please keep in mind that they're doing you a favor by doing business with you, so try not to make your purchases too small. They're in an industrial building in a dock area that is only accessable via bus from South Station. So why should you go to the effort of doing business with them? Because they're insanely cheap. You're paying wholesale! On average, zippers cost about 1/3 as much at US Slide as they would anywhere else, or less. I've bought 20 inch separating zippers from them for pocket change. I've bought heavy weight dual slide separating jacket zippers, which were selling for $7 at the fabric store, for about $1.50. So, if you're making one thing with a zipper and otherwise won't be using zippers much, just buy it at your favorite fabric store... but if you're going to be wanting a lot of zippers, particularly if they're expensive ones, US Slide will save you a bundle.
Van Fabric Co.
14 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111-1607 (around the corner from North End Fabrics)
Phone: (617)423-6592
Review: Beautiful, beautiful vietnamese silk jacquards and silk brocades. The prices are high, but relative to the exquisite quality and extraordinary beauty of the merchandise they're quite reasonable. (Incidentally, they rarely raise their prices.) Observe before purchasing, however, that the fabrics are all (if I'm not mistaken) 30 inches wide, so you'll need to get the length from your pattern's 30 inch fabric layout or design a new layout to determine yardage.
Note: Hours seem erratic.
Windsor Button Shop
35 Temple Pl,Boston, MA 02111-1305
Phone: (617)482-4969
Phone: (617)630-9195
Review: More buttons than you'd ever expect to see in your life, plus a wide selection of notions. A special counter displays bridal notions and decorations. Good selection of other (generally better quality) craft products as well, including a good selection of knitting needles. Friendly and helpful staff. I brought in a shirt that I was just finding it *impossible* to find nice buttons for and showed it to the salesperson at the counter. She immediately produced a set of acceptable buttons. Then she asked me about who the shirt was for and what his tastes are like, and came up with a set of fabulous buttons. It may have been all in a day's work to her but to me it was marvelous. Some recent revamping of their stock left them carrying much fewer notions and other stuff, but their stock of buttons was still excellent last I checked.
Winmil Fabrics
111 Chauncy St,Boston, MA 02111-1796
Review: The author's favorite fabric store. A good selection and a superb staff make this a friendly and useful place to shop. The spacious store is crowded with all the basics and a wide variety of more interesting fabrics as well. Of special interest are cotton broadcloth, t-shirt knits, and poly satin in every color of the rainbow. The staff, however, is this store's gem. Helpful and friendly, they'll remember you and ask you how your projects are coming along, with genuine care and interest. They'll see you wearing a fabric they sold you and tell you what a great job you did with it. On one visit they told me they'd got in a new fabric that they thought I'd like and they'd been hoping I'd come in so they could show me. (I bought eight yards.) You can ask their advice on which pattern to use with which fabric. You can ask them which shade of grey thread goes best with this silver fabric, and they'll get it *right*. They'll help you take your measurements without batting an eyelash. They actually look over the notions I'm purchasing to make sure there isn't anything wrong (on a recent visit they noticed a damaged button I'd accidentally selected and got me a replacement off the rack). They'll cheerfully refer you elsewhere if they don't have what you want. Go here for service and selection and you won't be disappointed.