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Sewing is fun, easy, and satisfying. With my friend Paulo Ruffino, we'll answer many of your frequently asked questions about sewing. Learn about many common areas of concern!

Other Sewing Features:

Yes You Can Learn How To Knit!

Don't let anyone tell you knitting is difficult. It isn't. Knitting instructions are difficult. Knitting itself is easy. Here, I'll show you how to knit using easy to understand colorized photographs and extensive description, and you'll be knitting your first scarf in no time.

Your Local Stores

Want to find your local stores for sewing, knitting, fabric, yarn, and crafts? Just select your state above.

For my Massachusetts friends


I donated to Rainbow World Fund to help feed refugees of the flooding of New Orleans.

Another charity I believe is interesting and worthy is Children To Children, which gives duffel bags and stuffed animals to children in foster care. Please consider making a bag or stuffed animal to donate to them.

Contact Me

Need more help? Just want to say hi? Talk to me.

My contact page also enables you to contact me via email or phone.

How To
Clean Laundry

We all have concerns about how to do our laundry, but it really doesn't have to be difficult. Together, we'll look at how laundry products work, how to select the right detergent for the individual garment, how to select the right water temperature, and which washers clean best. Using this information, you'll know how to get your clothes shining clean!

Lifestyle Blog

Visit my lifestyle tips blog for ideas, products, and designs for easier, more fun living!

Some recent topics

Make Your Own Slippers

A perfect gift! Once you draw the personalized pattern using these easy instructions, you'll be able to sew slippers in minutes using a fleece fabric, or knit a pair quickly using the pattern's shape as a template!

How To Buy a Sewing Machine

Everyone always asks me what sewing machine they should buy... I wrote this book to help you make your own decision. Also available in paperback and large print editions!

More Information:

How Sewing Machines Work (free)

Sewing Gifts

Gifts and clothing for sewing fanatics
(Photo of tote bag)

Book reviews

Featured Book
Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry

If I could have only one sewing book, this would be it. This is the book that took my sewing from "I'm making things to cover myself" to "I'm making high quality garments."
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