The Homosexual Lifestyle / Gay Lifestyle is:

Decadent, isn't it?

Gay and lesbian people live our lives like everyone else. We have jobs, bills, housework, and families like everyone else.


Gay Myths

Myth: Gay people are trying to destroy marriage

Fact: We want to get married. Destroying marriage would be completely counter to our goals. By all means we want our heterosexual friends and family to get married! We want them to be happy.

Myth: Gay people are trying to radically change the definition of marriage that has existed unchanged for all of human history as part of natural law

Fact: The definition of marriage has radically changed many times in human history, and there's no such thing as "natural law". The Bible mentions six different kinds of marriage aside from a consentual union of one man and one woman, none of which would be legal today. Practically every concievable type of "marriage" has been practiced by one group or another: societies have been observed in which women are "married" off before even being concieved and may be bartered by their "husbands" as currency; societies have been observed in which all men practice ritual homosexuality and only visit their wives for reproductive purposes. As gay Americans, we find such societies to be bizarre and distasteful, but their existence demonstrates that the contemporary idea of the heterosexual nuclear family has not been an unchanged standard for all of human history. Marriage as we know it today came about in the 20th century, with women obtaining equal rights and the Supreme Court ordering that interracial couples must be permitted to marry. Marriage has withstood countless changes over the hundreds of thousands of years of human history, and will continue long after gay people have joined the ranks of married couples.

Myth: Gay couples have a high divorce rate

Fact: In Massachusetts, gay married couples have divorced at approximately the same rate as heterosexual couples who have been married for the same amount of time. In Denmark (used as an example because statistics are available), gay couples are less than half as likely to divorce as heterosexual couples, with gay male couples being several percent less likely to divorce than lesbian couples.

Myth: Gay marriages causes a jump in the heterosexual divorce rate

Fact: Gay marriages have been taking place in Massachusetts for several years and Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the US. Frequently, claims are made that the divorce rate, the rate of births out of wedlock, or the percentage of couples living together without marriage in European countries grows after gay marriage. This is a lie through omission of facts: these trends existed and were growing prior to the advent of gay marriage, and gay marriage simply did not alter the trends. Also, other factors are involved in such nations, such as a lack of societal disapproval of birth out of wedlock, and increased social services for unmarried couples. These trends have nothing to do with gay marriage.

Myth: Gay people live a life of sin and debauchery

Fact: Gay people don't have time to live a life of sin and debauchery even if we wanted to: we're too busy trying to clean the apartment and keep up with the laundry and do our jobs so we can pay the bills.

Myth: Average gay people have hundreds of sex partners a year

Fact: Oh please, like we have the time to go find hundreds of people to have sex with every year? Do you have the time for that? I didn't think so. We don't either. This myth is so ridiculous that I'm sure you'll realize, when you think about it, that it can't possibly be true.

Myth: Gay people are trying to recruit others into a life of homosexuality

Fact: Oh sure, that's going to be a really great advertising campaign. We can picture it now: "Become homosexual! Be part of the most hated minority in America! Get your civil rights taken away! Pay more taxes than everybody else! Join today! Contact your local gay recruiting office for further details." We're sure that would bring in a lot of applicants, right? Let's get real: we believe we were born gay, so it would be really stupid of us to try to get anyone to choose to be gay since we don't believe it's possible.


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